"NO Veteran, Military family, or Survivor will go without .... at least not on OUR WATCH!!" 

Our Mission

M.A.S.H. provides crucial support to our American Veterans, Military families, and Survivors throughout Central Ohio: Food, clothing, personal hygiene items, along with a mobile outreach program (fresh produce markets), PTSD Program with PEER support meetings, resources, and more. Our goal is to always honor and respect those who keep us safe and free.


To promote self-sufficiency by making the best possible use of ALL available resources. We define success as the ability to NEVER turn away a Veteran, Military family, or Survivor in need of a nutritious meal and support. Our ultimate goal is to have M.A.S.H. Pantry and Resource Centers statewide so we can honor our American Veterans, Armed Forces, their families and Survivors for their sacrifice.