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Paul Pinter - FORMER U.S. MARINE (R.I.P.)

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran


Remembering my Friend and Hero: RIP MARINE (July 4, 1968 - May 3, 2016)

Paul Pinter, Retired Marine Sgt. of Desert Storm

Paul was a Homebound Veteran MASH PANTRY serviced (2016). He received the first bag made from the Great Expectations 4H Group and loved it!! 

So many Homebound Veterans do not have visitors. Paul was married with two cats, however, he spent every day alone while Paula worked two jobs to keep them afloat. He was wheelchair bound so his day consisted of watching his cats and birds out the back window. We were Paul's only visitors. 

Whenever you have an opportunity to share time with a Veteran - we encourage you to cherish the moment. Lend an ear (even if you have heard the story a thousand times). They have earned your time through their sacrifice. 

Prayers to his widow, Paula Pinter.

God Bless My Friend. RIP Paul  💜


*** UPDATE: Paul was referred to M.A.S.H. Pantry by the Delaware County VSO!! Special thanks to Wayne Kissel & Richard Mason.


Mr. C.jpg

Korean Veteran "Mr. C"

(7/2016) Veteran in Need:

Army Veteran served 62-64' as a Truck driver in Germany. 

Mr. C, a Deacon of a church in Columbus is also retired from the Post Office. 

We just received a call from someone concerned with the wellbeing of Mr. C once he leaves the nursing home. His leg was just amputated and the VA is going to take approximately six months (if at all) to supply bathroom needs. I have attached a link with a couple of items. 

items needed:
- Safety rails for shower
- Safety rails for toilet
- Extended shower head
- Shower Chair
- Wheelchair
- Walker

In addition, if there are other items we should add to this list- please share. Mr. and Mrs. C do not have any idea what to expect. 

They are on a fixed income and could use some assistance as well since Mr. C is out of commission.


*** UPDATE: Mr. C was surprised with an Electric Scooter & Mrs. C received Roses!!  Special thanks to the Capital City DAV Chapter #3 for assisting!! (He received everything else on his list.)


help 3.jpg

Female Veteran


She was honorably discharged from the Navy after serving four years in Vietnam as a Photographer 72'-76'. 

She just received her CDL Class A Drivers licenses and has a job pending, however, since she did not have the $27.00 to pay for the Permit and another $27.00 to pay for the Drivers license, she had to leave without documentation. Her caseworker was present, however, did not have access to funds. 

She needs two checks made out to BMV OR Cash. BMV will not take credit card. Her caseworker is willing to meet at the Alum Creek BMV or wherever is convenient for the donation. 

The Veteran will be driving a Tour Bus around Columbus. 


If interested in helping, you pay school directly. 

Thank you for supporting our Veterans!!


*** UPDATE: After she received her CDL license, lunch was complimentary at Stav's Diner for serving our Country thanks to a M.A.S.H. Pantry Volunteer, Cate Rinehart!! Thank you Dennis H. for making this all possible.



Vietnam Veteran 

(1/2016) I was notified by a Veteran Outreach Program about an Army Veteran (69'-75') in need. He lives at the Volunteers of America on Harmon Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. 

He needs a boots - size 12

He also has 20 years experience as a chef/cook and would love to find EMPLOYMENT for a private owned or big corporation. 

Please share this information!! Now it is in God's hands.

(Personal note: Isn't it sad how we take life for granted. This gentleman is only asking for a pair of boots and a chance for employment. Makes you appreciate the shoes you have on your feet right now and the job that allowed you to purchase your shoes.)


*** UPDATE: photo of Veteran with his NEW BOOTS & Socks!!!


help 4.jpg

Widow of Veteran


Veterans widow, 84 lives in Columbus area. The city had a mains water line bust in 2015 which flooded the lady's basement. The city refused to help fix it and the lady did not have flood insurance. The flood has caused a support beam to fall in the basement which has caused a lot of dust and mold. The lady got a bacterial lung infection from this and she has not been able to fully recover. As she sits in front of me, she is wheezing and coughing. On top of this, she has been summoned to court because the gutters on both side of the her house have been damaged by a guy that cut the grass and her gutters need to be cleaned. if she does not get this fixed by 25 Aug she could be fined. She cannot afford to fix and is EXTREMELY stressed by the whole situation. She also needs a new couch. CAN ANYBODY PLEASE HELP!!!!!!


*** UPDATE: I wanted to share a "Happy Ending" to an issue that was brought to our attention. We work close with many agencies to assist Veterans - Laura O. contacted me about a Widow of a Veteran with an issue and we found a group willing to fix everything at their cost!! Please read the initial request below. 

Special thanks to (CRC) Brad Caughman & Crew for assisting with the maintenance.