MARK THE DATE: Saturday, August 12, 2017

Start Location:  Motts Military Museum, 5075 South Hamilton Rd., Groveport, Ohio 43125


EVENT SCHEDULE (Subject to Change):

9:00 - 11:00 AMBreakfast (small fee) Registration 

10:00 - 11:00 AM Registration  ($20/BIKE & $5/PASSENGER)

11:00 AM Blessing of Bikes 



START: Motts Military Museum  - 5075 S. Hamilton Rd., Groveport, OH 43125

1st Stop:  Station House 81 - 11 Front Street, Commercial Point, OH 43116  (614) 877-0000

2nd Stop:  Old Town Tavern - 10985 Winchester Rd. NW, Canal Winchester, OH 43110 (614) 834-7944

3rd Stop:  RP3 (Robey's Pub) - 109 E. Market Street, Baltimore, OH 43105 (740) 862-4179

4th Stop:  American Legion Post 490 - 1117 S. Hamilton Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43227  (614-239-0490

END:  The Point - 1192 Noe-Bixby Rd., Columbus, Oho 43213  (614) 573-8500



Monetary Donations made out to MASH PANTRY

829 Bethel Rd., Suite 201 -  Columbus, Ohio 43214



(Past Event) MAY 13, 2017 Veteran Event - H.A.R.O. NATIONAL NEWS RELEASE: 

Shine-a-Light: Walk in the Shoes of a Veteran

(1K & Push Up Challenge for Hunger)

By M.A.S.H. Volunteer - Chris Rea


Ohioan Amber Hudson lives in a place and space where dreamers dare to dream big. Volunteers, well-wishers, and warm hearts surround her. As a Navy veteran herself, it is the quiet passion, vision, and love—that is dedicated to sixteen hour days. It is fundraising, grant-writing, truck-driving, managing, and serving the M.A.S.H. Food Pantry/monthly Outreach to Columbus Metropolitan and surrounding counties. M.A.S.H. (Military and Service Heroes Pantry) partners with local Military organizations to provide needed resources for each individual and family member.  

Our Mission: We promote empowered, self- confidence and self-sufficiency throughout our Central Ohio Veteran and Armed Forces community by offering nutritious foods, education, mentoring, advocacy and programming resources and services. 

There are over forty thousand homeless veterans in America, but in Ohio, ours are being brought from the streets to shelters by organizations like M.A.S.H.  Also over a million veterans with PTSD and TBI’s, and tens of thousands of them require care and share from us. M.A.S.H. Pantry is here to do its part. 

Hudson is bringing the Shine-a-Light rally to Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, May 13th to celebrate and honor the sacrifice, safety, and freedom that is the great gift to America of our military Veteran community. 

Here is an opportunity to join our brothers and sisters, and open our hearts to support the heroes among us. 

The event has the ingredients of everything this humble vet Hudson dreams, observes, and practices. It is exemplified in her 501(3)c non-profit, M.A.S.H. Pantry. She’s well known and loved in military and service heroes’ circles in Ohio and beyond. She’s the third tier of a four-generation family to support the twenty- three million U.S. Veterans, the two and a half million currently in service, and the more than eighty million of those direct and indirect family members who sacrifice, keep us safe and allow us, as an American family, to be free. And, she emphasizes, “That means having the option to speak our minds, even in dissent of the national norm. Our military service heroes are often forgotten in our hearts, and we aim in this program to shine a light on these family members that need our love.” 

HOW CAN YOU HELP??? Come and support us on May 13th. It will be a four-hour phenomenon in which ALL Branches of the Service will be represented. 

The event will include a silent auction, speakers, live music, tug-of-war events, push-up competitions, and a Hands around the Nation linkage to honor vets and military heroes. There will be a Kids for Vets booth where children can create gifts of rocks-painted inspirations and a “Walk in a Vet’s Shoes” march where families and all areas of the community will walk in solidarity of American unity. We will also provide Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT training - which is a successful therapy for those with PTSD. The event will be filmed from the ground, and with helicopters from the sky. The documentary will have coverage nationally and internationally. The funds raised will be used to support veterans in Columbus, and to help spread M.A.S.H. Pantrys’ beyond Columbus to the rest of the country. Our challenge to other states is to open M.A.S.H. pantries in every city across America. These pantries will support the one in five fellow Americans keeping us safe, which is the reality when we consider all veteran and military families spread across the nation. 

This event has THREE goals: 

ONE, to celebrate safety and freedom and to honor those who give us the opportunity to enjoy the rights that we daily experience.

TWO, to assist and empower ALL military families and Veterans, especially those who returned from overseas and many times economically and medically were not respectfully embraced with the sacrifices they made. Freedom is not free. And, 

THREE, to focus and celebrate our unity and strength as a United States of an America Family. 

We are offering a challenge to the press and to our citizens: 

To bring to this event in ‘Come Love Us’, Ohio, we welcome President Trump, Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders, Majority and Minority leaders McConnell and Schumer, Speaker Ryan and Minority Leader Pelosi, Senators Portman and Brown and all governors and their representatives—to our May 13th Columbus event to unify and celebrate our Nation. 

We are reaching out to Hollywood, the sporting community, and other public figures. Hudson concludes, “We at M.A.S.H. encourage a “We are the World” coming together type-of-event around our American family. So, put this on your calendar, America: Grove City High School, 4665 Hoover Rd., Grove City, Ohio, 43123.  Saturday, May 13th, from 10- 2 pm!!!” 

This will be a day to remember 50 years from now, and YOU can say, “I WAS THERE!” 

“Just imagine,” she continues “Columbus may forever be known as the ‘Come Love Us’ in the Heart of IT ALL. Here’s how America—my America—comes together, centered on celebrating and honoring sacrifice, safety and freedom. This safety and freedom is what the Veteran community is constantly offering our 330 million strong American family. That’s my vision. A national community of togetherness caring together in accord in one part of the program as we link hands and hearts around the field in National healing. This is my vision that is the best of who we really are. In trying moments like 9/11, our identity has become clear. We are a United States of America, a united family that stands together. If we pause to reflect on this phenomenon, then we largely have our veterans to thank.” 

May God bless us all. 



“NO Veteran, Military Family, or Survivor will go without….at least not on OUR WATCH!!”


  • M.A.S.H. PANTRY is a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 with the Ohio Secretary of State.